•This training session will focus on downsizing and layoffs. This is a difficult and often painful subject for most managers and supervisors. We hope that the discussions during this session will make the process easier for you if and when participants face the prospect of laying off employees.

•Business and economic conditions sometimes require laying off a substantial number of employees. No one likes to do this. But competitive pressures or weak markets for products and services may leave no room for alternative measures.  

•Layoffs are difficult not only for managers and the employees who lose their jobs but also for the survivors, those who remain after a layoff. 

•Effective implementation of downsizing plans as well as successful recovery from layoffs depends in large part on leadership and commitment to meet challenges and overcome obstacles.

•During this session, participants will be provided with information and strategies that will help them navigate successfully through a period of layoffs and the subsequent recovery and renewal period.

Coping with Downsizing and Layoffs

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